Can I File a Lawsuit if My Car Accident was Caused by a Truck Tire in Texas?

The cause of truck accidents may be attributed to any number of reasons, from a human error to defective equipment. Truck crashes that are caused by a faulty tire are incidents that could be avoided with some diligence from the truck driver or their employer. Consequently, a victim of an accident caused by a truck tire could initiate a lawsuit against those responsible for the crash. The Arlington, TX car accident lawyers at the Queenan Law Firm, P.C., would like to explain how a defective truck tire could lead to a car accident lawsuit.

Liable Parties in a Car Accident Caused by a Truck Tire in Texas

After being injured in a car crash caused by a truck tire in Texas, the victim should consider who could be responsible for the damages they have sustained and seek legal representation by an experienced Arlington, TX truck accident attorney. There are multiple defendants that could be named in a car accident lawsuit depending on the details of the case.

Truck drivers should be sure to frequently inspect their vehicles to ensure that they are functioning properly. For instance, if a truck driver does not notice that a tire is not inflated correctly or that the tire tread is worn down, their negligence could cause them to lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident. Actions taken by the truck driver on the road may also play a role in determining the cause of the accident.

Additionally, the employer of a truck driver could also be vicariously liable when the driver is involved in the accident in Texas. If the truck in question is a part of a fleet of vehicles owned by the employer, the employer has the burden to make sure that the tires are kept in working order.

It is important to note that a victim must also consider the status of the truck driver if they want to name their employer as a defendant. If the truck driver is considered an employee by the company in question, they could be held liable for the driver’s actions. However, if the truck driver was hired as an independent contractor, the employer could escape liability for their actions. This is possible because employers do not have a broad range of control over how independent contractors perform their duties.

There is also a possibility that the manufacturer of the truck tires could be a defendant in the case. For instance, if the company released a batch of tires that were poorly made, they may be subject to a product liability lawsuit.

Our Arlington, TX personal injury law firm could help you identify the appropriate parties to sue after being injured in a car accident caused by a truck tire.

How Texas Car Accidents are Caused by Truck Tires

There are several ways that a car accident may result from an issue with a truck tire. As mentioned, many of these issues are avoidable if the driver or their employer maintains the truck. Unfortunately, there are many cases where truck tires are left on a vehicle until they become unreliable. Here are some ways that a Texas truck tire accident may happen from our Dallas defective tire accident lawyers.

Worn Down Tires

Truck tires should be regularly changed as drivers may traverse hundreds of miles in a span of just one day. When a tire is overused, the tire tread could be worn down, which would greatly diminish the level of control the truck driver would have over their vehicle. As a result, the truck may have trouble with braking and other maneuvers.

Tire Blowout

A tire blowout is when the tire tread or tire sidewall separates from the steel belt, which typically happens when a vehicle is moving. The possibility of a tire blowout could increase for a number of reasons. For example, if a truck is overloaded with materials, the extra weight may cause a blowout. Additionally, if the driver hits debris in the road, this may also be a reason for the blowout.

If a truck driver is unprepared for a tire blowout, the vehicle could jackknife or possibly flip over, which is highly dangerous for any cars in the vicinity of the truck.

Defective Truck Tire

Car accidents may also be caused because a truck tire was defective. When the manufacturers of a truck tire do not take steps to ensure that impurities do not become welded into a tire, they increase the risk of an accident they may be held liable for.

Car accidents may also be the result of leftover debris in the road from a truck tire blowout. However, pursuing a lawsuit under these circumstances would be difficult as the victim would be unaware of who was responsible for the debris. Additionally, linking the debris to negligence on behalf of a county in charge of road maintenance may also be challenging.

We could investigate the details of your case to determine whether you have valid grounds for a car accident lawsuit in Texas.

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