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When observing a truck in their vicinity, a lot of drivers will attempt to pass or switch lanes away from the vehicle as they are aware of the damage a large truck could cause in an accident. While this is a normal response to the dangers posed by trucks, it may not be enough to avoid the fallout of an unpredictable truck accident. If you sustained injuries from a truck crash while traveling through Midland, Texas, contact our Midland truck accident lawyers.

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5 Common Reasons for Truck Accidents in Midland, TX

Commercial trucks could be some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road if drivers are not operating these vehicles correctly. There are a wide range of negligent actions that could lead to a truck driver triggering a serious truck accident:

Inexperienced Truck Driver

Maneuvering a commercial truck with efficiency requires a great deal of experience. Truck drivers that have recently taken on the job may lack the needed experience to control their vehicle, which could increase the risk that they may cause a collision.


Tailgating is when a vehicle follows another too closely for an extensive period of time. Some truck drivers will tailgate other cars in an effort to get them to move into a different lane so they could continue at their current speed. However, tailgating could quickly turn into a rear-end collision if the lead vehicle needs to make an immediate stop.

Tire Blowout

A tire blowout happens when a tire sidewall or tread suddenly detaches from the steel belt of the tire. If a driver is unprepared to deal with a tire blowout, they could panic and possibly run into another vehicle. This would be devastating as a blowout could cause a truck to jackknife or possibly flip over.

Tire blowouts could be caused by a few reasons. For instance, if the trucking company failed to repair overused tires on a vehicle, this may increase the chance of a blowout. Manufacturing defects could also be linked to tire blowouts.


Truck drivers are often required to travel hundreds of miles to transport materials from one location to another. To accomplish their task quickly, drivers will often exceed the speed limit, which could lead to an accident, especially if the truck driver is speeding through inclement weather.

Trailer Overload

When loading a tractor-trailer, a company should be careful to avoid exceeding the weight limits for the vehicle. An excessively loaded trailer could affect the maneuverability of the truck and could even contribute to a tire blowout or other problems.

Whether your truck accident resulted from the above factors or separate issues, our Midland truck accident attorneys are here for you.

Parties Subject to a Lawsuit for a Truck Accident

Many truck accident lawsuits are not limited to a simple case between the victim and the truck’s driver. Instead, there could be multiple defendants who could be named to the personal injury claim depending on the circumstances of the accident.

In addition to the trucker, the employer of the driver may be a liable party for the crash. The trucker’s employer would have control over the tasks performed by the driver and may even be partly or fully responsible for maintaining the vehicle. As a result, they could be found vicariously liable if the driver negligently causes a collision with other vehicles on the road.

Note that some employers classify workers as independent contractors to minimize or avoid being held responsible for the driver’s decisions behind the wheel. Designating a worker as an independent contractor would allow a trucking company to claim that they could not be vicariously liable as the contractor would be primarily responsible for how they perform their duties.

As mentioned, there may be a chance that a truck accident case could be filed against a manufacturer of defective truck components.

Damages Available for a Truck Accident in Midland, TX

If a victim is successful in their truck collision lawsuit, they could be awarded a variety of damages. For instance, the court could award damages for a loss of wages sustained by a victim due to inability to work after a truck crash. The victim may also be awarded damages for the following:

  • Medical expenses (e.g., medication, surgery, rehabilitation)
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

The circumstances of your case may dictate whether other types of damages could be awarded, such as compensation for emotional distress. Be sure to contact one of our Midland truck accident lawyers to get your potential lawsuit evaluated.

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