Is Public Transportation Safe in Houston?

Whether you live in Houston or are traveling to the area, you want to know that you can rely on public transportation.  Houston’s METRO public transit system has buses, METRORail, and METRORapid routes to help people get around the city.  It also has plenty of taxi services, as well as other options for transit, such as METROLift for pick-up and drop-off of disabled riders.  But as a potential METRO or public transportation passenger, it is important to know how safe your ride will be.

Like any city, Houston has potential safety issues from other drivers on many of its transit systems.  There is also always the chance of a crash, especially for above-ground rail and bus services.  Riders could also be injured by other passengers.  However, the number of people injured makes up a small percentage of daily riders throughout Houston.

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Are Buses Safe in Houston?

In Houston, most bus service is provided by Houston’s METRO public transportation service.  Other buses from private companies like Greyhound or Megabus also provide transportation in the area.  In general, bus travel in Houston is safe, but there are always risks.

A quick search of news out of Houston can always provide evidence of crashes involving METRO buses.  For example, a September 2021 crash killed one person and injured two others, while another killed the passenger of a car hit by a METRO bus.  In many cases, these vehicle crashes actually injure people driving in other cars rather than the passengers on a METRO bus.

Riding a bus also carries a risk of injury from other passengers.  Like any other form of public transportation today, buses have security cameras, and METRO police often patrol different routes in an attempt to deter crime.  That is not to say that you will be wholly safe when traveling on a METRO bus.

Statistically speaking, most bus riders in Houston do not get injured compared to the overall number of riders per day in Houston – which was over 162,000 in January 2020, according to METRO statistics.  If you do happen to face injuries while riding a bus in Houston, The Queenan Law Firm’s Fort Worth bus accident attorneys may be able to help.

How Safe Are Taxis in Houston?

Taxis are not technically public transportation, but many people use them as an alternative to taking a bus or train in Houston.  It is important to analyze how safe a taxi ride might be, especially if you are considering it as an alternative to public transportation.

Like buses, taxis are generally safe, with the number of riders per year that walk away without injuries massively outnumbering the number of riders who do get injured.

Throughout Texas, cities require annual inspections for taxis, and drivers are required to have licenses and insurance – which are not usually issued to unsafe drivers.  In most cases, taxi drivers are as concerned about their own safety as they are about their riders’ safety, often installing security cameras, dividers, and other safety features in their cars to deter and prevent violence.  The same is true of many rideshare drivers, such as Uber and Lyft drivers.

In general, taxi drivers tend to have more hours behind the wheel than most other drivers, making them typically safer and more experienced drivers.  However, that does not mean that they are always safe.  Taxi drivers can get lazy with traffic rules, speed to make more fairs in a shift, or simply become tired or unfocused behind the wheel after a long shift.

Common Injuries on METRORail and Houston Trains

If you are injured on a train in Houston, it usually happens by one of a few common causes.  Typically, the biggest cause of injury involves slip and fall accidents at the station or on the train.  Poorly kept train cars can be dangerous, leading to accidents that do not even involve crashes.  If you were injured this way, you could be entitled to a lawsuit against METRO or another responsible train operator.

Another common injury on trains in Houston involves injuries while getting on or off the train.  When transportation companies fail to provide accessibility to disabled or elderly riders – who often rely on public transit to get around – those riders can face serious injuries.  Our attorneys can also help victims of these kinds of accidents get compensation.

Many of Houston’s rail systems and METRORapid routes run at ground level alongside other cars on the street.  It is always possible for a car to crash into these transit systems or for a public transportation operator to crash into other drivers or pedestrians.  If you were injured in an accident with a METRORail, METRORapid vehicle, or a vehicle from another surface line, our Houston personal injury attorneys may be able to help.

Staying Safe on Public Transit in Houston, TX

The Houston METRO Police website recommends a few tips to stay safe when riding on Houston’s public transportation.  First, they have a slogan urging people to be alert, involved, informed, and prepared.  If you have an emergency while riding public transportation, always call 911.  You can also call METRO Police Dispatch at (713) 224-2677 or dial #MDP (#673) for non-emergency calls from a cell phone.

The METRO website also gives rider tips, such as standing clear of the doors, never crossing in front of a bus, and more.

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