Is it Safe to Ride DART in Dallas?

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) buses are a common public transportation choice for residents around Dallas. While you might ride on a DART bus each day, or see them regularly around the city, have you ever stopped to consider how safe they are?

Riding in a DART bus in Dallas is not particularly safe. There are no airbags, and while there are seatbelts, the crowded nature of these buses often forces riders to stand. Because of this, DART bus riders can sustain life-altering injuries that require compensation when accidents occur. In a DART bus accident lawsuit, several parties may be liable. Depending on the circumstances of your Dallas DART bus accident, you may be able to sue DART, an individual driver, or a passenger car driver for compensatory damages.

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Is Riding a DART Bus in Dallas Safe?

If you live in Dallas and DART buses are part of your daily commute, you may wonder whether these buses are safe. In reality, they are just as dangerous as any other bus, meaning they’re prone to accidents.

Buses, including DART buses, are commonly involved in auto accidents in Dallas. These large vehicles have significant blind spots and are often forced to make wide turns. The sheer size of DART buses can make them a fearsome force on the road.

When riding on a DART bus in Dallas, you’re relying on the bus driver to act responsibly. DART bus drivers can work long hours, leading to drowsy driving, a common cause of auto accidents.

You also have no control over what other drivers do and whether or not they act negligently, causing a DART bus accident. There are other individuals on the bus who could cause disruptions that district a driver and take their eyes off the road, if only for a moment.

DART buses in Dallas are no safer than any other means of public transportation. While DART buses have seatbelts, passengers often stand. There are no airbags to protect riders, and because these buses are often overcrowded, there is a substantial risk for severe injury in the event of a DART bus accident. Because riders have no control over a driver’s actions, they could risk getting into a damaging accident when they step onto a DART bus in Dallas.

Common Injuries in DART Bus Accidents in Dallas

Injuries from DART bus accidents in Dallas can be severe. If you’ve recently sustained an injury in a collision caused by a negligent driver, it’s important to contact a Fort Worth bus accident attorney right away.

Injuries in Dallas DART bus accidents can range from minor scrapes and whiplash, to broken bones. DART bus accident victims can even sustain traumatic brain injuries in a collision.

Bus accidents are particularly dangerous. Although riders may assume that the size of DART buses will protect them in the event of a collision, that’s not necessarily the case. Damaging accidents can cause DART buses to topple over, resulting in severe passenger injuries. DART bus accidents can be incredibly damaging to victims, especially when these collisions occur on highways in Dallas. Whether you’re a DART bus rider or a passenger car driver, getting in a bus accident can be life-altering.

Injuries sustained in a DART bus accident can profoundly affect your life. Generally, the injuries associated with these damaging collisions require expensive medical treatment. Since DART bus accident injuries are often so severe, victims may be unable to work when healing.

Who is Liable After a DART Bus Accident in Dallas?

After a serious DART bus accident, victims may be severely injured and unsure what to do next. After you seek the necessary medical attention, it’s important to reach out to a Dallas bus accident attorney to learn about your paths to compensation. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, various parties may be liable after a DART bus collision in Dallas.

Bus Driver

In some cases, a DART bus driver’s negligence can cause a severe accident in Dallas. If your DART bus driver was under the influence at the time or otherwise driving recklessly, they can be found liable for your injuries. If the driver is solely responsible for your injuries, they may be the only liable party in a bus accident lawsuit in Dallas. It’s important to consult a skilled lawyer to learn whether or not you can hold a negligent DART bus driver accountable in a lawsuit for compensatory damages.

Passenger Car Driver

Sometimes, passenger car drivers can cause DART bus accidents in Dallas. While this is not always the case, if a negligent passenger car driver acted negligently, causing your injuries, you can sue them in a lawsuit for compensatory damages.

Other Parties

Depending on the circumstances of a DART bus accident, victims may be able to sue DART itself. DART has a responsibility to its riders to thoroughly vet drivers and ensure all of its vehicles are regularly inspected and operating properly. If DART failed uphold this responsibility, resulting in an accident, you can sue for compensatory damages. Filing a lawsuit against DART can be difficult as it is part of Dallas’ public transit system. Victims may have to abide by shorter filing deadlines and face other challenges when they sue a government-affiliated agency. So, it’s wise to hire a Houston bus accident attorney if you plan to do so.

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