How to Get Your Car Accident Report in Plano, TX

After suffering a harmful car accident, a police officer should visit the scene of your crash to draft an accident report. Your official accident report may offer a range of information that helps insurance companies and attorneys determine who caused your collision. Accordingly, reviewing the contents of your report may be a crucial step towards recovering compensation for your injuries.

If you were involved in a car accident in Plano, TX, you may retrieve a copy of your report online through a service provided by the Plano police department. Alternatively, you may pick up a copy of your report by visiting the Plano police department in person.

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Recovering a Copy of Your Accident Report in Plano, TX

There are two primary methods for acquiring a copy of your accident report. Our Plano car accident lawyers are prepared to offer support when navigating either of the following processes

First, you may obtain a copy of your accident report online through a service provided by the Plano police department. In order to obtain your report, you must provide certain background information such as the street name where your crash occurred, the date the report was created, and a last name of one of the drivers involved. Further, you will have to pay a $6 fee to download your report.

Alternatively, you may pick up a copy of your accident report in person by visiting the Plano police department. Their main office is located at 909 14th Street. The Records Unit will maintain open lobby hours from 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday, and 8am to 5pm on Saturday. When requesting your report in person, you must also be able to provide background information pertaining to your crash. Also, the $6 fee will still be assessed against those who pick up their accident reports directly from the police office.

What if a Police Officer Did Not Visit the Scene of Your Accident in Plano, TX?

If you were involved in an accident that caused at least $1,000 in apparent property damage, bodily injury, or death, then your collision must be reported to the police. Typically, the police will be called to the scene in the immediate aftermath of a harmful crash. However, if a police officer did not visit the scene of your accident, then you will have to file your own driver’s crash report.

Texas law affords motorists 10 days from the dates of their accidents to file their driver’s crash report forms. These forms can be accessed online by accessing the following link. Still, despite potentially having 10 days to file, you should attempt to file your driver’s crash report immediately after your accident. A report that is filed at the time of your crash may be perceived as more reliable than one that is filed 10 days later. Furthermore, failing to properly report your accident will be considered a misdemeanor offense and may result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Do You Need a Copy of Your Accident Report to Win a Car Accident Case in Plano?

You do not need a copy of your accident report to win your car accident case in Plano. Thankfully, there are many types of evidence that can be used to prove fault and establish the damages you suffered. The following are all examples of evidence regularly used by our legal team:

Eyewitness Testimony

Eyewitness testimony is one of the most valuable types of evidence that can be used to prove fault for car accidents. Eyewitnesses can offer both written and oral statements that explain why or how your collision occurred. For example, a witness may state that your crash happened because another driver made an illegal lane change. Further, eyewitness testimony may help prove that the defendant in your case ran a red light before striking your vehicle. Therefore, you should always attempt to exchange contact information with eyewitnesses to your crash if you can.

Physical Evidence from Your Crash Scene

Physical evidence from your crash scene can also be very helpful when proving fault. For instance, pieces of broken glass found at the scene may be matched with the defendant’s vehicle to identify them as the at-fault party. Also, open alcohol bottles or drug paraphernalia found at your crash scene may help show that the other driver was intoxicated when your collision happened. Guidance from experienced legal representation can be very helpful when collecting and reviewing evidence from the scene in your case.

However, some evidence from the scene of your crash may be hard to preserve or bring into court. Fortunately, there are other means of documenting such evidence.

Photos from Your Crash Scene

Photos from the scene of your crash can be very helpful to your car accident case. There are multiple ways that they can be helpful.

First, such photos may be used to prove fault for your collision. For example, photos from the scene showing skid marks near your vehicle can demonstrate that you attempted to avoid the crash. Further, photos of your crushed car may be used to assert that the defendant was speeding when they hit you.

Second, photos from the scene may be used to establish property damage caused by your accident. For instance, the defendant in your case may assert that your car was actually damaged by a subsequent incident, as opposed to the crash at issue. In that case, photos from the scene could help establish the property damage you sustained.

Finally, photos from the scene of your accident can be used to disprove the defendant’s alternative theory of fault. As an example, the defendant may argue that your accident was actually caused by poor weather conditions. In that instance, photos from the scene depicting clear weather could be used to defeat the defendant’s assertion.

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