How to Get Your Car Accident Report in Garland, TX

Car accidents in Garland, TX must be reported to the police if they cause an injury, death, or more than $1,000 in property damage. Official accident reports can provide an array of data that assists lawyers and insurers when assigning fault. Therefore, after being hurt in a crash, you should recover and review a copy of the accident report as soon as possible.

You may acquire a copy of a car accident report in Garland, TX by visiting an online portal supplied by the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT). As another option, you may be able to recover your accident report paying the Garland police department a visit in person. However, you should call ahead to be sure that the police department has a copy of your report on hand.

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Recovering Your Car Accident Report in Garland

There are two ways you may obtain a car accident report in Garland, online or in person. Fortunately, our Garland car accident attorneys can help with either of these processes.

To acquire a copy of a car accident report online, you can follow this link to an online portal established by the DOT. When searching for your report on the online database, you will have to provide either the name of someone involved in the crash, the driver’s license number of someone involved in the crash, or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a vehicle involved in the crash. The fee for downloading a certified copy of your report will be $8.

If you wish to recover your car accident report in person, you may do so by visiting the Garland police department. However, it is not certain that the local police department will have a copy of your crash report on hand. Therefore, you should call ahead to inquire about your report before going to the station to pick it up.

Can You File Your Own Accident Report After a Crash in Garland, TX?

In the immediate aftermath of a collision that causes an injury or significant property damage, you should call 911 and have an officer visit the scene. Still, there may be situations where an officer is not present to investigate an accident. If an officer could not visit your crash scene, then you must file your own report within 10 days of the date your accident happened.

You can access a driver’s report form online by following this link. While you may have 10 days after your collision to submit such a report, you should try to complete this form as quickly as possible. A report filed immediately after your collision may be relied on more readily than a report that was filed a week later. Also, failing to appropriately report your crash may constitute a misdemeanor criminal offense and can result in your license being suspended.

What Information is Found in an Accident Report in Garland, TX?

An accident report can provide various pieces of information that help paint a picture for how your accident happened, the damage it caused, and who is to blame. Our legal team can help review your report to determine how certain information may affect your potential car accident lawsuit.

First, your report may provide an array of background information related to your crash. The date, time, and location of your accident will be listed. Furthermore, contact information and insurance information for involved drivers can also be provided. If a witness offered a statement that was included in your report, then their contact information may also be listed.

Information from your report can also help when assessing the damage caused by your accident. For instance, the report may offer a description of the vehicle damage caused by your collision. Also, if any parties to your crash suffered visible injuries, then those injuries may also be noted in your report.

The accident report can also provide information that helps identify the cause of your accident. For example, the drafting officer may have included their personal notes regarding why your crash occurred. Further, your accident report may contain statements from witnesses, statements from drivers, and a drawn crash diagram.

Finally, if your report was completed by an officer who responded to the scene, then your report should include information on how to contact the drafting officer. Their name, agency, and badge number should be listed on the report.

What to Do if Information from Your Police Report is Inaccurate in Garland, TX

Unfortunately, in some cases, officers who complete accident reports will include incorrect information. Thankfully, there is a process you may follow for correcting your mistaken report.

First, you should contact the drafting officer as soon as you can. If possible, you should be prepared to provide documentation for the information you want corrected. For example, if your report gets your birth date wrong, then you may offer a copy of your driver’s license to have the information corrected. Further, if your report offers a statement that incorrectly describes how your crash occurred, then you may offer a witness statement to support amending the disputed information.

If the officer who created your report refuses to change incorrect information, then you may write up your own statement and have it attached to your report. Your statement may include various pictures and documentation that support your assertions.

Guidance from our legal team can be highly beneficial when reviewing your accident report to ensure that it is accurate. We can help assess your report and communicate with the drafting officer on your behalf. Furthermore, if you must draft a statement to attach to your report, we can help write your statement and gather supporting evidence.

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