How to Get Traffic Camera Footage of Your Accident in Arlington, TX?

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In Texas, at-fault drivers can be sued for car accidents they cause. For plaintiffs to recover monetary damages, they must be able to prove that their accidents were caused by defendants’ negligence. There are several types of evidence that can be utilized. One of which is footage from traffic cameras.

The process for obtaining traffic camera footage can vary depending on the entity who operates the camera at issue. In some cases, those in control of relevant footage may not wish to cooperate with victims. Furthermore, many recordings are deleted quickly in order to make room for new footage. Accordingly, assistance from our legal team can be highly valuable when seeking to recover pertinent traffic camera footage in your case.

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How to Obtain Footage from Traffic Cameras After Accidents in Arlington, TX

There are several ways to acquire footage from traffic cameras. The process will likely differ depending on who owns the camera at issue. Accordingly, the first step in acquiring traffic camera footage will involve identifying all of the cameras that could have captured your collision. Next, you will have to determine who owns the cameras and reach out for their assistance. If an owner refuses to provide pertinent footage, you may need to seek support from our Arlington personal injury attorneys. Our team can take legal measures such as filing subpoenas to obtain necessary recordings.

Many traffic cameras are operated by the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT). If a DOT camera captured your crash on video, you will have to contact the DOT to request access to the footage. Meanwhile, if a private resident or business owned the camera at issue, you will have to contact them directly for a copy of the footage. When reaching out, it is important to remain polite and refrain from making any comments that would be interpreted as an apology or an admission of fault. Such statements may be used against you when seeking compensation from another driver.

Examples of Sources for Video Evidence in Arlington Car Accident Cases

There are multiple potential sources of video evidence that can be used to establish fault in your car accident case. First, many DOT cameras are positioned at busy intersections throughout Arlington. If your collision occurred at an intersection, then there is a chance that a DOT camera recorded the events that unfolded before, during, and after the accident.

Furthermore, highway toll both cameras are another potential source of video evidence. Many crashes happen at toll booths when tailgating drivers fail to slow down in time to avoid collisions. The cameras positioned at toll booths are also usually operated by the DOT.

There are also several privately-owned cameras that can capture footage of accidents in Arlington. For instance, many motorists equip their vehicles with dashboard cameras that surveil the areas surrounding their vehicles during transit. If you or a nearby driver had a dashboard camera that recorded your accident, then footage from the camera may be requested to help prove another party is at fault.

Also, security cameras used to surveil private homes and businesses may be used to prove fault for car accidents. For example, after a collision that occurs in a business’s parking lot, footage from a security camera may be used to show that one driver did not check their surroundings before pulling out of their space. Meanwhile, after a crash that happens in a residential neighborhood, a doorbell camera may be used to show that one driver was distracted at the time of the accident.

Finally, there are some cases where footage from witnesses’ cell phones can be used to establish fault. Accordingly, it is important to exchange contact information with any eyewitnesses to your crash if possible.

What Information Can Traffic Camera Footage Provide After Accidents in Arlington, TX?

Traffic camera footage can provide plaintiffs in car accident cases with several pieces of important information. For instance, such footage can provide a great deal of information regarding the damage caused by a crash. Lawyers and insurance companies may look to this footage to determine the number of vehicles involved in an accident and the damage those vehicles incurred. Additionally, traffic camera footage can be used to assess damage to other property like power poles, fences, and sidewalks.

Footage from traffic cameras can also be used to establish the physical injuries suffered by crash victims. For example, if a recording depicts someone noticeably limping away from their vehicle after an accident, then that footage may be used to assert that the victim was hurt by the collision.

Additionally, defendants in car accident cases may attempt to argue that their crashes were caused by poor weather and road conditions, as opposed to their negligence. Fortunately, in these situations, traffic camera footage can be used to disprove defendants’ assertions. Plaintiffs can use recordings to prove that the weather was clear and road conditions were adequate when their accidents happened.

Footage from traffic cameras can also be highly useful when seeking to identify an at-fault party after a hit-and-run. Fortunately, if there is no footage of a hit-and-run, there are still other forms of evidence that can be used to find the unknown driver.

Finally, traffic camera footage can help prove fault for accidents by simply depicting how they happened. For example, traffic camera footage may prove fault for an intersection accident by showing that a motorist ran a red light before striking someone. Furthermore, a recording from dashboard camera may establish fault for a highway collision by demonstrating that driver made an illegal lane change before running into another motorist.

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