How Long Do Traffic Cameras Keep Footage of Accidents in Texas?

In order to recover compensation in a car accident lawsuit, you must be able to prove that your accident happened because of the defendant’s negligent actions. There are several types of evidence that can be used to demonstrate that another driver is at fault. One of which is footage from traffic cameras. This footage can help plaintiffs identify their accidents’ causes.

However, traffic camera footage may not be stored for very long. Footage from cameras operated by entities like the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) and various local municipalities will be removed relatively quickly. Accordingly, it is important that you act swiftly after your collision and begin collecting evidence as soon as possible.

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How Long is Traffic Camera Footage Stored in Texas

After a car accident, there may be a very limited amount of time for you to recover traffic camera footage. Cameras operated by the DOT, toll road authorities, and local municipalities will not store footage for very long. Many crash victims make the mistake of waiting too long to pursue their claims. By waiting, you may let valuable evidence like traffic camera footage disappear.

However, in some cases, the events surrounding an accident may be captured by a private video camera. For example, a business’s security camera may record a collision that occurred in their parking lot. In these cases, relevant footage may be stored for longer. Our experienced Irving car accident lawyers can help track down and recover any surveillance footage that may be used to prove fault in your case.

Do Traffic Cameras Record the Events Leading Up to Accidents in Texas?

If you need long term footage that displays the events leading up to your crash, you probably cannot rely on a traffic camera to get it. These cameras will not record and store sustained footage of the events leading up to your crash.

Most traffic camera footage that is utilized in car accident lawsuits comes from speed cameras and red-light cameras. In order for these cameras to be triggered, some other event such as speeding or running a red light has to take place.

For example, a photo taken by a red-light camera may be used to show that a defendant driver caused an accident by disobeying traffic signals. On the other hand, if you need to show that your accident occurred because the other driver was drunk or distracted, then presenting footage from traffic cameras may be a less viable option for proving fault. Your Houston bus accident lawyer can help determine the best course of action in effectively using traffic camera footage.

How to Obtain Footage from a Traffic Camera After an Accident in Texas

The process for recovering traffic camera footage can vary depending on the entity that controls the camera at issue. Each entity will have different procedures and regulations that they must abide by when releasing such footage. While you may be able to simply ask for copies of relevant footage, the parties in control of this footage may not release it unless ordered to by a court. Accordingly, filing a subpoena may be the only way to recover traffic camera footage in certain cases.

Do All Intersections Have Traffic Cameras in Texas?

Not every intersection is equipped with traffic cameras in Texas. Usually, they are placed on particularly busy intersections or those where a relatively high number of collisions occur.

Furthermore, many intersections are equipped with older models of traffic cameras that only take low-quality photographs, opposed to sustained videos. Some intersections may even have dummy cameras that only exist to deter drivers from committing careless and reckless maneuvers.

Is Traffic Camera Footage Necessary to Prove Fault for Car Accidents in Texas?

While traffic camera footage may be valuable when proving that another driver is at fault, it is certainly not necessary for your car accident case to succeed. Any of the following forms of evidence may also be used to establish who is to blame for your crash:

Witness Statements

Like traffic cameras, statements from witnesses to your crash can help demonstrate why or how your accident happened. Witnesses can provide both written and oral testimony that explains the events that occurred before, during, and after your collision. For example, witness may state that the defendant caused your accident by making an improper left turn or by running a red light.

Expert Witness Statements

Expert witnesses are deemed experts because they have completed the necessary training, education, and experience in their specific fields. They are often used to analyze complicated situations and explain who is at fault. For instance, after an intersection accident, an accident reconstruction expert may be summoned to identify the at-fault driver.

Physical Evidence from the Scene

Furthermore, physical evidence from the scene of your crash may be helpful when proving fault for your car accident. For instance, shattered glass from the scene may be matched with a defendant’s broken headlight to identify them as the at-fault driver. Further, an open liquor bottle found at the scene may be used to assert that the driver was drunk when your crash happened.

Still, some evidence from the scene of your crash may be difficult to preserve or bring into court. In that case, other forms of documentation may be necessary.

Photos from the Scene

Photos from the scene of your accident may be useful when proving fault. For example, photos of your badly damaged car may be used to suggest that the other driver was travelling at excessive speeds when your accident happened.

Furthermore, these photos may be used to disprove the defendant’s alternative argument as to how your collision occurred. For instance, the other driver may suggest that your crash happened because of poor road conditions. In that case, photos from the scene could help disprove their assertion and establish that they are to blame.

You should always attempt to take photos at the scene of your accident if you can.

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