Do Semi Truck Accident Cases Go to Trial in Texas?

Semi trucks are massive vehicles that share Texas highways with other, much smaller, cars and motorcycles. When a truck collides with one of these smaller vehicles, the results can be devastating. Victims of truck accidents often face a long rehabilitation from severe injuries, incurring medical expenses, and losing time from work. Because of the complexities involved in a truck crash, many victims take their case to trial. Our knowledgeable Arlington, TX truck accident lawyer will aggressively fight for your rights. Below, we discuss litigation after a truck accident and how The Queenan Law Firm can assist you in maximizing your settlement.

Reasons Why a Semi Truck Accident Case Will Go to Trial in a Texas Court

Several factors might require a truck accident case to go to trial. The first is determining fault in the case. When multiple parties could be held liable, determining fault is challenging. The blame could rest with the truck driver, the trucking company, or another third party. The amount you can recover and who you could recover from might require a trial if the parties involved refuse to accept fault or actively argue that they are not responsible. To maximize your potential settlement, our Irving, TX truck accident attorneys will pursue compensation from all liable parties at trial.

Because of the nature of a truck driver’s job, an accident might involve several states and jurisdictions. For example, you could live in Dallas, be in an accident outside of Austin, the truck driver resides in Mississippi, while the trucking company is based in Florida. Because of the many legal issues involved in such a matter, a lawsuit could be required.

When a car is rear-ended, it is rather simple to tell what happened. However, semi truck accidents are rarely as cut and dry. Because of their size and how they crash, truck accidents often involve multiple vehicles. Shifting through the carnage of a catastrophic truck accident takes time and investigation. Additionally, our Fort Worth truck accident attorney will want to ensure that every party that could be held responsible is thoroughly examined and included in a lawsuit. Without the legal discovery process afforded through the trial process, it might be impossible to establish fault.

Going to Trial for Damages in Texas Semi Truck Accidents

Because of their size and weight, semi truck accidents are almost always complex in nature. The injuries sustained in a collision involving a massive commercial vehicle are rarely minor. Victims struck by trucks suffer brain damage, amputations, severe nerve damage, and spinal cord injuries. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a truck accident to be fatal. Because of the legal issues involved and the severity of the injuries, many times, a truck accident case will go to trial to reach a settlement.

Additionally, a truck accident typically involves multiple parties. While a lawsuit will include the truck driver, our experienced Houston semi truck wreck claim lawyer will look to determine if there are other responsible parties, including the trucking company and possibly the vehicle manufacturer. Because of the multiple parties and the many issues surrounding a truck accident, settling a case often requires litigation.

Do Trials have Higher Damages than Settlements for Texas Truck Accidents?

People might believe that most accident cases settle out of court. However, semi truck accidents are different beasts and usually involve complicated legal issues. The insurance providers for truck drivers do not want to pay a huge settlement and will aggressively fight to lower or deny a claim. This is the same situation for trucking companies, truck manufacturers, or shipping companies. If a settlement is offered, it is rarely an appropriate amount. To hold all parties accountable and fight for your just compensation, it is often necessary for our Houston truck accident attorney to take a case to trial.

Truck accidents are often catastrophic events. The severity of injuries victims suffer is generally much greater than the average car accident. More severe injuries mean increased medical expenses and increased compensation for pain and suffering. Furthermore, truck drivers and trucking companies have higher limits on their insurance policies than automobile drivers. Because of this, the potential settlements are much higher. However, the insurance companies for truck drivers, trucking companies, and other likely parties will vigorously fight to avoid paying on a claim. This aggressive stance often results in having to try your case to receive the compensation you deserve.

How Long Does a Semi Truck Accident Lawsuit Take in Texas?

Litigation involving commercial trucks is often complicated. Determining what occurred and gathering the necessary evidence to establish fault and liability could take a significant amount of time and investigation. Because there could be several parties involved, our office will be working to build a liability case against each one. A trial might be required to shift through the different levels of responsibility and hold the appropriate parties accountable.

Additionally, an accident involving a semi truck often necessitates hiring expert witnesses. For example, by having a medical expert testify in court, our office could establish that a truck driver was unreasonably fatigued. Furthermore, a mechanical expert would speak to any manufacturing defects or maintenance problems with the truck. In these cases, our Dallas truck accident attorney will have to collect and present this evidence at trial if the truck driver or trucking company is denying liability.

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