The Most Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident in Arlington

Riding a motorcycle is fun, fuel-efficient, and often easier on many city streets. Unfortunately for so many riders, motorcycles do not offer the same protection as a car. There were 9,065 motorcycle accidents in Texas in 2016 – a concerning number. Without the same protections as a car, what injuries typically occur in motorcycle crashes?

The Arlington motorcycle accident lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm have looked into common motorcycle injuries to help riders know their safety risks. Our personal injury attorneys represent injured motorcycle riders throughout the Dallas area. If you or a loved one was injured or a loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident, talk to an attorney today.

Most Common Motorcycle Injuries

Many of the injuries motorcycle riders face occur in varying situations, such as intersection accidents, T-bone accidents, distracted driving, and more. Since your body is not protected by airbags, seatbelts, head rests, and the protective shell of a car, you are at risk for many injuries in an accident. Some of these injuries may be obvious, but they are still some of the most common motorcycle injuries a rider should be aware of:

Head and Brain Injuries

No matter what the law says, wearing a helmet on a motorcycle is always recommended. Many people may forego wearing a helmet because they don’t like the way it blocks their peripheral vision, because it’s hot and steamy, or because it messes up their hair. In the event of a crash, that helmet might just save your life or prevent traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Even though many riders over the age of 21 are not required to wear a helmet in Texas, you should always wear one.

Your skull is strong, but it is often not strong enough to protect you from hard impacts. TBI can leave you unable to stand up, feed yourself, or otherwise live your life as you used to. Even mild TBI – better known as a concussion – can cause extreme discomfort and cognitive issues. Even if your brain is okay, the injury could damage your skull or the thin skin of your scalp. Head wounds like these often lead to serious blood loss.

Leg Injuries

Your position on the bike often means that the thing that is farthest to either side of the bike is your leg. If you are struck from the side or fall into a slide, your leg is often the first point of impact with the ground or other objects. If your leg rubs along the ground, you might face serious road rash injuries. In worse cases of side-impact accidents, you could very well lose a leg.

Always wear protective safety gear to cover your legs. Motorcycle pants with protective leather and armored panels offer the best protection – or at least offer better protection than simple jeans. To avoid these kinds of accidents, always be aware of your surroundings. If you can avoid riding next to other vehicles and stay away from dangerous intersections, you may be able to avoid side-impact crashes such as intersection accidents or T-bone accidents.

Road Rash

When the human body rubs against asphalt, there is bound to be damage to the skin and other soft tissue. If you are traveling at high speeds or have the added weight of a bike on top of you, the injuries can be even worse. Many times, riders are ejected from their bike during a crash. This means they tumble or slide along the pavement until they come to a stop.

Wide areas of skin, such as your back or thigh are especially susceptible. Wearing proper protective gear can help reduce the effects of road rash. Though comfortable, simple jeans and a tee shirt do not afford the same protection as padded motorcycle leathers. One of the most common areas people forget to protect is their hands. Your hands may suffer severe road rash injuries when you try to brace yourself after a crash.

Arm Injuries

Similarly to how your legs often stick out to the sides, your arms and shoulders stick out as well. If you take impact from the side, your arms could be pinned against your sides. In a front-impact crash, your hands could be crushed against the grips. Your arms could also take the hit in such a way that your wrists or forearms break. Alternatively, the way that your arms are pushed into the sockets could damage your shoulders and upper arms.

Falling onto your side could also mean severe road rash on your biceps and upper arms. Always wear a sturdy motorcycle jacket to help avoid these kinds of injuries.

Back, Neck, and Spine Injuries

Falling off your bike usually leaves little protection. Landing on your back or otherwise tumbling from the motorcycle can put you at risk of back, neck, and spinal injuries. Severe spinal cord injuries can leave you permanently paralyzed or even cause death. Wearing back pads, neck stabilizers, and well-fitting helmets can help protect these vital areas.

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