The Average Settlement Amounts for Oil Refinery Explosions in TX

Disasters at oil rigs and oil refineries are extremely rare.  In most oil rig accidents and oil refinery explosions, workers face the brunt of injuries in the workplace.  However, explosions that occur in or near towns or cities can also injure nearby residents and passers-by.  Because these accidents are rare, there is not substantial research nor considerable evidence of what the average payout is for these types of incidents.  However, the Dallas refinery explosion lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm explain how damages are calculated in these kinds of disasters and how much victims might be entitled to.  For help with your oil refinery injury case, contact our law offices today.

Damages in an Oil Refinery Accident Case

The Queenan Law Firm is a Texas law firm representing victims of accidents in the Arlington, Dallas, and Houston areas.  Because of our geographic area, we are always prepared to handle oil refinery accident cases on behalf of injured victims and the families of those who suffered wrongful death in an oil accident.  This includes understanding the damages they might be entitled to.  It is important to talk to an attorney about your case to understand whether a settlement fully satisfies all costs you might be entitled to.

After an injury, you are usually entitled to claim three major areas of damages.  First, you should be able to recover the cost of any medical expenses you paid because of the accident.  Second, you should be entitled to recover any lost wages you faced if you missed work because of your injuries or because you cannot return to work because of the injuries.  Third, you should be able to claim damages for your pain and suffering.

These damages often depend heavily on the specifics of your injuries.  Severe burns are incredibly difficult to treat and require prolonged, painful medical care resulting in high medical expenses and pain and suffering damages.  Some injuries, like spinal cord injuries and head trauma, may make it difficult to return to work and could mean you need replacement wages on an ongoing basis.

If your spouse, parent, or child died in a refinery accident, you might be entitled to additional damages.  The above damages are all things your loved one would have been able to claim had they survived the accident, and you can claim these on their behalf.  In addition, you can claim damages that you suffered because of their death.  That means recovering the costs of funeral and burial expenses, lost inheritances, lost companionship, lost counsel, and other harms.

Any settlement you accept should fully cover these damages.  If it does not, the settlement may be far too low.  With the death of a loved one, these settlements can be as high as millions of dollars.  Talk to an attorney about your case and what it might be worth.

Suing for Refinery Explosion Injuries and Death in Texas

If you or someone in your family faced injuries in a refinery accident, it is important to talk to an attorney about your case.  It is difficult to know what your case might be worth without talking to an experienced personal injury attorney.  If you accept a settlement, even if it is worth less than your case should be worth, you may not be able to claim additional damages by taking your case to court.  Since a settlement usually ends your case, you should always speak with a Dallas work injury lawyer before accepting anything for your claim.

In court, you may be entitled to full damages for your claim.  During a settlement, the at-fault party might reduce their offer to save themselves money and avoid the cost of trial.  If an insurance company covers the damages, they may not cover each of the categories of damages, especially pain and suffering.  To get these damages covered, you may need to avoid settlement and press your case in court.

In court, you could also be entitled to additional damages to punish the at-fault parties.  Many refinery accidents are caused by serious negligence, OSHA violations, and violations of other state and federal regulations.  When these violations occur, federal agencies may fine the refinery for its errors.  Courts may make them pay additional “punitive damages” to the victims.  This punishes serious or repeat negligence, deters future wrongful conduct, and helps injured parties by paying them additional damages.

For help understanding your case, what your case might be worth and whether a settlement is appropriate, talk to a lawyer today.

Dallas Oil Refinery Injury Attorneys

For a free consultation on your oil refinery case, contact an Arlington TX personal injury lawyer at The Queenan Law Firm today.  Our lawyers can help you understand whether the settlement you’ve been offered is below average and whether it fully satisfies your needs.  To schedule your free consultation, contact our law offices today at (817) 476-1797.