What to Do if You Get in an Accident on I-35 in Texas

I-35 is a major north-south highway that runs through the heart of Texas. The interstate facilitates travel from the southern border through San Antonio and Austin, eventually splitting into I-35E through Dallas and I-35W through Fort Worth.

A high number of Texans travel on this highway every day. Unfortunately, many of them are injured as the result of accidents caused by negligent drivers. Crash victims may be able to recover payment for their injuries by filing lawsuits against at-fault motorists.

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I-35 Ranks as One of the Most Dangerous Highways in America

The Zebra, an insurance comparison website based out of Austin, recently compiled a ranked list of the most dangerous highways in America. To complete their analysis, they used fatality data recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2019. The Zebra’s report was released in 2021.

According data compiled by The Zebra, I-35 is the 5th most dangerous highway in America. In 2019, there were 197 fatal crashes. That equates to approximately 12.56 fatalities per 100 miles.

The highway is a major thoroughfare for 18-wheelers, creating a high propensity for catastrophic truck accidents. Furthermore, I-35 runs through three major cities in Texas. Accordingly, there are often periods of very high traffic congestion. This congestion often causes impatient drivers to commit careless and reckless maneuvers behind the wheel.

Additionally, as of 2023, I-35 in Texas is still in the midst of a large expansion project. While under construction, many lanes of travel may be narrowed or redirected. These alterations can cause drivers to become confused and collide with other motorists.

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Types of Accidents that Occur on I-35 in Texas

There are several types of crashes that can occur on I-35. Victims of any of the following accidents may be entitled to payment for the harm they endured:

Car Accidents

A high number of car accidents happen on I-35 each day. These crashes often lead to serious injuries when victims strike hard objects inside of their cars during their collisions. Most of these crashes happen because of drivers’ negligent actions.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are also a common type of crash that happens on I-35. Riders can suffer especially serious harm because they are not afforded the same protection as drivers of standard cars. Motorcycle accident victims often suffer devastating injuries when they are impacted by other vehicles or when they strike the ground.

Truck Accidents

Many people suffer serious injuries because of truck accidents in I-35. It is a very popular road for 18-wheelers. As a result of these vehicles’ size, their crashes can cause catastrophic harm. You may be able to sue a truck driver after such an accident. However, other parties like trucking companies, mechanics, and manufacturers of certain parts can also be held liable.

Bus Accidents

Like truck accidents, bus accidents can cause severe harm because of the size of vehicles involved. The road to recovery after a collision with a bus can vary depending on who owned and operated the bus at issue. Experienced legal representation can be highly valuable to victims when determining who to sue.

Pedestrian Accidents

Finally, pedestrian accidents are also a source of injuries on I-35. For example, a pedestrian whose car broke down may be struck by walking along the roadside to the nearest town. Also, a motorist whose tire goes flat may be hit while they were making a change. When pedestrians are struck by careless drivers, serious and even fatal injuries can result.

Common Causes of Harmful Accidents in I-35 in Texas

Many of the injurious collisions that happen Texas interstates occur as the result of drivers’ negligence. For example, the following are all common causes of harmful accidents on I-35:

Distracted Driving

Many of the accidents that happen on I-35 occur as the result of distracted driving. In general, there are three types of distraction that can occur. Motorists can become manually, visually, or cognitively distracted. Manual distraction occurs when motorists remove their hands from the wheel and visual distraction describes scenarios where they take their eyes off the road. Meanwhile, cognitive distraction describes what happens when motorists take their minds off the task of driving.

There are several activities that can distract drivers. For example, accidents may be caused by drivers who were eating, texting, or talking with passengers. Fortunately, these parties can be held responsible for injuries they cause.

Illegal Lane Changes

Illegal lane changes are also a common cause of crashes on I-35. Drivers can commit improper lane changes by changing lanes without using turn signals or by changing lanes in illegal areas. For example, a driver may cause an accident by improperly changing lanes in a construction zone. If you were hurt because another motorist attempted an illegal lane change, you may be able to sue them for the damages you incurred.


Tailgating is another common cause of I-35 crashes. This refers to the practice of driving too closely behind the car in front of you. Drivers often tailgate during periods of high traffic congestion. While tailgating, they are unable to react properly when vehicles in front of them slow down. Accordingly, many rear-end collisions happen as the result of tailgating drivers.

Drunk Driving

Finally, drunk driving is also the source of many harmful crashes on I-35. Drunk drivers will exhibit impaired motor skills, blurry vision, and careless decision-making abilities. Thankfully, they can also be held accountable for collisions they cause.

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