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Trucks are notorious for the destruction they can cause during an accident. Few things can be more life-changing than facing a crash with a large, heavy commercial truck. For many people, dealing with the aftermath of a collision can be too much to handle on their own. However, we can help you hold the liable parties accountable for your losses.

At the law offices of Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, we understand how challenging it is to deal with a severe injury after a truck crash. Let our experience, skill, and dedication work for you while you focus on getting better and moving on. To learn more about our legal services in a free, confidential consultation, call our law offices today at (479) 316-0438.

What Causes Truck Accidents in Flower Mound, TX?

Unfortunately, truck accidents happen frequently in Flower Mound, TX. The size and weight of large commercial trucks make them a real threat on the road. The force of impact and the momentum present during a crash can lead to devastating outcomes. Truck crashes can happen for many different reasons. However, several causes commonly lead to these catastrophic accidents.

Distracted Driving

Commercial truck drivers are expected to exercise the utmost caution when handling their heavy, large vehicles. However, many negligent drivers opt to engage in conduct that may distract them, including texting or using their cellphones while driving.

Just a few seconds can be enough to cause a catastrophic accident. However, many truck drivers might think “this won’t happen to me” until it inevitably does. Under these circumstances, the negligent truck driver would be liable for any damage done. Our Flower Mound, TX truck accident lawyers can help you file your personal injury claim against the liable truck driver.


Speeding has always remained one of the leading causes of truck accidents – and other vehicular accidents – in Texas. According to official sources of information such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is responsible for thousands of accidents, injuries, and deaths. According to the NHTSA, in 2018, 9,378 people died in speed-related crashes in the U.S.

Texas has stringent laws that punish this dangerous behavior. However, many truck drivers disregard the law, always pushing to make faster deliveries for their employer’s benefit. If you were injured in a truck accident caused by a speeding trucker in Flower Mound, TX, we can help you fight for your compensation.

Drunk Driving

In numerous instances, drunk truck drivers have caused devastating accidents. Despite Texas’ stringent drunk driving laws, many truck drivers risk handling their large commercial vehicles while under the effects of alcohol. Both the truck driver and the trucking company may be liable if you got injured in a drunk driving-related truck accident in Flower Mound, TX. Our experienced, skilled truck accident attorneys can help you fight for your compensation.

Who Is Liable in a Truck Accident in Flower Mound, TX?

Truck accidents are different from crashes involving passenger cars or motorcycles because of the professional relationship between the truck driver and their employer – the trucking company. While there may be situations where a commercial truck driver may work as an independent contractor, many of these drivers work for trucking companies. Due to the nature of this relationship, the trucking company – also known as the carrier – may share liability for the actions carried out by their employees.

For instance, a carrier is responsible for hiring people who know how to operate large commercial vehicles. This includes making sure they have the required permits and licenses and performing background checks to determine whether they are apt to take on the job.

Additionally, trucking companies are also responsible for ensuring all trucks in their fleet are safe to drive. Federal regulation requires trucking companies to comply with strict guidelines to ensure safety. However, many negligent carriers decide to cut corners and risk using trucks with defective or worn-out tires, faulty brakes, or trucks in need of oil and filter change. Unfortunately, these practices often lead to otherwise preventable accidents.

In addition to the trucking company and its employees, you may also have a cause of action against the truck’s manufacturer and its parts. In some situations, rushed production, bad designs, or errors during manufacturing have led to severe truck accidents. Our Flower Mound, TX truck accident attorneys can help you hold these manufacturers liable for their negligence and fight for the compensation you deserve.

How Much Compensation Can I Get from a Truck Accident Claim in Flower Mound, TX?

Getting compensation will depend on your ability to show the defendant’s negligence. To achieve this, it is critical to hire a skilled Arkansas truck accident attorney who can help you through the process. With your attorney’s assistance, you should be able to provide the court with all necessary evidence proving the existence of your claim’s elements. These elements are known as legal duty, breach, causation, and damages. Once you have shown the existence of these elements, the court may grant you compensation for your losses, which may include your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It is critical to make sure you file your claim within the time limit known as the statute of limitations. Under Arkansas law, you have up to three years to file your claim. Our Flower Mound, TX truck accident attorneys can help you file your claim on time and ensure you don’t miss your chance at fighting for the compensation you need.

Flower Mound, TX Truck Accident Lawyers Offering Free Consultations

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident caused by a negligent truck driver in Flower Mound, TX, we can help. For many years, Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, has handled countless cases involving negligent truck drivers in Arkansas. We understand how challenging and overwhelming dealing with your injuries after a truck crash can be. For this reason, we dedicate all of our efforts to fighting aggressively and strategically for the compensation you deserve. To learn more about our legal services in a free, confidential consultation, call our Texas personal injury lawyer today (479) 316-0438.