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COVID-19 and the coronavirus that causes it has caused interruptions for millions of businesses. Many business owners carry insurance to help cover wages, utilities, rent, and other expenses in the event that their business is interrupted by disasters. Many insurance companies give business owners a hard time when they try to use this insurance coverage, potentially refusing to cover cases based on the virus or claims that do not involve physical damage to the business premises.

If your business has been halted by the coronavirus and the government lockdowns, our attorneys might be able to litigate your case to get your insurance to cover your business interruption expenses. Call The Queenan Law Firm today to schedule a free case consultation with our Dallas COVID-19 business interruption claim litigation attorneys. Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting insurance companies and working to get our clients the coverage they deserve. Call (817) 476-1797 to schedule a free case consultation.

Fighting Insurance Denials for Coronavirus-Related Business Interruption Claims in Dallas, TX

Many businesses carry insurance to cover business interruptions in the case of fire or other disasters. Many of these insurance policies are broad and work to cover rent, overhead expenses, utilities, lost income, and paychecks during periods where your business is interrupted by fire, wind damage, or flooding. In some cases, your insurance company might use a very narrowly tailored policy that excludes coverage for certain types of disasters or requires various conditions be met before you can file a claim for business interruption.

Our attorneys work to represent businesses that have had their claims denied by insurance companies. The reasoning behind the denial will depend heavily on the terms of the insurance policy you have, but we can analyze the facts of your case, examine your insurance policy, and determine the best course of action for fighting the denial.

In some cases, insurance companies set up their own appeal systems. These can help some businesses appeal their denials and have them reconsidered. However, filing a claim in court is often more powerful.

Insurance companies are required to follow two major duties that might affect a case like this. First, insurance companies have an obligation to make a good faith effort to insure their customers under the terms of the policy. If your insurance company never had any intention of paying your policy or dealt in bad faith, that is a violation of this duty. Second, they must follow the terms of the insurance policy since it is a contract. Failing to pay you when your policy requires it is a breach of contract.

If either of these issues or another problem is present in your case, we can work to take your insurance carrier to court and fight to get you the coverage you deserve.

Common Complications with COVID-19 Insurance Claims for Business Interruption in Dallas

Insurance for interruptions to your business should cover expenses and costs when your business cannot operate. However, your policy might be limited in certain ways. Some policies only provide business interruption damages when there is physical damage to the premises at your business. For instance, a restaurant with fire damage might not be able to continue to serve customers, or a store with severe wind damage might not be safe to open to the public.

With many businesses closed because of the coronavirus, there is no damage to the physical premises at the business. Instead, the business might have needed to close because workers got sick from COVID-19 or because the business was deemed non-essential and was closed during a government shutdown. In either case, many insurance policies have clauses that insure the business if it needs to close because of government orders. If your policy does have a clause like this, then your insurance company might be required to cover your losses even if there is no physical damage to your business.

In some cases, the issues with the insurance claim will be based on ambiguous policies. If the insurance policy is written in such a way that it is not clear whether your situation is covered or not, your insurance company might argue that they do not have to pay you. In some cases, this dispute will have to go before a judge who can read the insurance policy and rule on the matter. Our attorneys are prepared to present cases like this and fight to get the court to rule for our clients.

Other cases might involve insurance policies that have specific exclusions for viruses or illnesses. In those cases, clauses allowing coverage for government shutdowns might still be effective. In your case, it would not be the illness that closed your business, but the government shutdown. That might allow coverage.

In most of these cases, the specific details of your case will be important. Our attorneys can examine the facts of how and when your business closed and examine your insurance policy to determine the best route to fighting for coverage and appealing your denial.

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