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Dealing with a work-related injury can be devastating. Things can be even more difficult if you are the sole provider in your household and are now forced to miss time from work. However, not everything is lost. There are ways to obtain compensation following a work-related injury.

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Common Causes of Work Injuries in Arlington, TX

Workplace accidents can happen for many different reasons. Almost every worker is at risk of suffering an accident at work. However, some employees are at a higher risk of sustaining severe injuries due to the nature of their work. For instance, construction workers often work around power tools, heavy machinery, debris, and other construction materials and objects. Many times, accidents in a construction site can lead to severe, life-threatening injuries. This does not mean people working in less dangerous environments can’t sustain severe injuries.

Common causes of workplace accidents and injuries in Arlington include slips and falls, being caught between heavy objects, and overexertion.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents in the U.S. According to the National Safety Council (NSC) in 2016, there were almost a quarter of a million slip and fall accidents spread across multiple industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail, and business services, among others in the U.S. While many may think slip and fall accidents are not as severe as other types of accidents, such as car accidents and truck accidents, they can lead to severe, painful, and life-threatening injuries.

Being Caught Between Heavy Objects

Another common cause of workplace accidents is getting caught between heavy objects, such as big machinery. This kind of accident is common in industries such as construction, warehousing, and assembly lines. For instance, a worker can get caught in between a forklift and the wall, or for an assembly line worker to get their hands or legs clenched by mechanical equipment. If you or a loved one was caught or trapped by heavy objects at the workplace and suffered injuries, our Arlington, TX work injury lawyers can help.


Overexertion injuries are common across the whole labor spectrum. These painful and disabling injuries are the result of things such as lifting, pulling, carrying. Repetitive stress injuries are also related to overexertion. Some of the leading causes of overexertion injuries are improper lifting, manual lifting of heavy objects, or continuously carrying heavy objects for extended periods. Similarly, repetitive stress injuries happen as a result of the constant use of parts of the body. The most common example of repetitive stress injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by continuous typing and clicking at work.

Common Workplace Injuries in Arlington, Texas

According to the NSC, every 7 seconds, a worker suffers an injury at the workplace. Not all injuries are the same, and a worker can sustain mild injuries or disabling injuries that may put their lives and safety at risk. The NSC has reported the most common types of workplace injuries are sprains, tears, soreness and pain, cuts, and lacerations. Depending on the extent of the injury, a person may require emergency medical assistance, surgery, and a lengthy recovery period. All of these injuries are preventable, and yet, many workers don’t see an effort to stop these accidents and injuries. Injured workers may ask themselves whether there is a way to obtain compensation after suffering an injury at the workplace. Fortunately, there are ways to get compensation.

Compensation After a Workplace Accident in Arlington, TX

Injured workers in Arlington, TX, have the chance to obtain financial assistance from the workers’ compensation system. Workman’s comp was created with the purpose of providing support to all workers who sustain injuries within the scope of their occupation. If you are an injured worker who suffered injuries preventing you from returning to work, the workers’ compensation system can assist.

The help provided by the workman’s comp is not automatic, and it requires you to go through a qualification process. For instance, in order to participate in the benefits provided by the system, you need to be an “employee.” This may seem obvious since you work for someone who pays you for your work. However, some people render services but are not considered employees. Independent contractors are the best example of people who offer their assistance in exchange for payment but are not direct employees of the company for which they work.

Once you have met all the qualification requirements, you may be able to obtain compensation. You may wonder whether you can sue your employer directly for your injuries. After all, your injuries may have happened as a result of negligence. Unfortunately, if you are under the workers’ compensation system, you cannot bring a lawsuit against your employer.

However, there is an exception to this general rule. You may go after your employer if they denied your workman’s comp or if they engaged in gross negligence. In such situations, you may go directly against your employer through a personal injury lawsuit. As a plaintiff in a personal injury claim, you have the burden of showing your employer engaged in gross negligence. This can be achieved by showing your employer owed you a duty of care that was breached, causing you harm and losses in the process. A skilled, dedicated Arlington work injury attorney can help you determine the best course of action after a workplace accident.

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