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Garland, TX sees enough truck traffic every year to make drivers nervous.  Drivers who spend enough time driving around tractor-trailers have seen truckers make dangerous moves or put other drivers at risk.  For those who have had it worse and actually been involved in an accident with a truck or tractor-trailer, help is available.

Truck accidents can leave victims with life-threatening or permanent injuries.  These victims are often entitled to financial compensation, and The Queenan Law Firm may be able to help.  Our truck accident lawyers in Garland, TX represent victims and fight to get them and their families compensation for their truck accidents.  For a free case consultation, contact our attorneys today at (817) 476-1797.

Suing Truckers and Trucking Companies for Truck Crashes in Garland, TX

If you were hit by a truck driver, you could be entitled to sue both the driver who was operating the vehicle and the company they work for.  Drivers are responsible for their own actions, which means you can typically sue the truck driver directly after an accident, but their employers might also share responsibility in a few different ways:

Negligent Hiring and Retention

If the trucking company should have known that their driver had a history of serious accidents, traffic violations, DUI, or something else that would make them dangerous behind the wheel, you could be able to argue that they should have fired the driver.  If they hired an unsafe driver anyway or kept a dangerous driver on staff after multiple violations, the trucking company could share fault in ultimately causing the accident.  This could allow you to sue them for a share of the damages in the accident.

Negligent Maintenance or Equipment Issues

If the trucking company owns the truck that hit you, they could be liable for problems caused by negligent maintenance or other equipment issues.  Many accidents are caused by problems with truck tires, lighting malfunctions, and issues with mirrors or cameras to help with visibility.  If the equipment broke, failed, or malfunctioned, and that is what caused your crash, the accident could be the trucking company’s fault.

Violations of Trucking Regulations

The U.S. government and most state governments have many regulations that apply to trucking companies and truck drivers.  These regulations often dictate…

  • Limits on how much a truck can weigh
  • Restrictions on how trucks can be loaded
  • Requirements for driver health and safety
  • What maintenance and inspections the vehicles need
  • How long a driver can drive without breaks.

If a trucking company violates these rules or pushes their driver to violate these rules, then the trucking company could be held at least partly liable for the accident.

Vicarious Liability as an Employer

A trucking company can often be held liable in place of the driver who hit you.  In many cases, you can sue a company for something it did wrong even if it was technically an employee who did something wrong.  Companies are made up of people, and the company cannot do anything without acting through those people.  Typically, any mistakes or instances of negligence committed by an employee during the scope of their job duties can allow the victim to hold the company liable instead of the employee.

Having the company pay for the driver’s mistakes often helps victims get full compensation instead of only suing a driver who may not have the funds to cover the damages.  It also allows courts to issue punitive damages against trucking companies with a history of dangerous practices or repeat negligence.

Damages for Trucking Accidents in Garland, TX

If you were hurt in a truck accident, you could face a variety of damages that you now need compensation for.

Medical bills are one of the main areas of compensation that drivers typically claim after a car accident.  In a truck accident, you could face substantial injuries because of the sheer difference in size and weight between the car you were in and the truck that hit you.  Tractor-trailers can often crush smaller cars, leading to serious head injuries, broken bones, back and spine injuries, and other serious consequences for drivers and passengers.  These injuries often lead to long-term care needs and expensive medical bills to pay for surgeries and rehabilitation.

If your injuries are severe enough that you cannot work, you can also claim damages for the wages you lost.  If you will be out of work for months or years while you recover, you will need replacement wages to help pay to support yourself and your family.  The parties who caused your injuries and stopped you from being able to work should pay for these lost wages in full.  If the injury will have an ongoing effect on your ability to make money, you should also be able to claim damages for lost earning capacity.

The last major area of damages is a broad area that covers a slew of other effects from an accident.  Lumped under the title of “pain and suffering,” these damages account for many non-economic effects.  This could include the physical pain you face, the mental anguish of dealing with an injury, the loss of enjoyment in life after an injury, and other effects.

Talk to an attorney about calculating these damages as part of your truck accident injury case.

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