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    Personal injury claims may involve a wide array of injuries and accidents. Our attorneys have handled various types of claims and are prepared to help you get justice and fair compensation for your injuries.

    One of the trickier parts about personal injury cases is that a huge variety of injuries and accidents may be considered personal injury claims. As such, you need to find a lawyer who has practiced personal injury law related to your specific type of case. Damages in personal injury cases may be quite large. Plaintiffs often claim substantial hospital bills and property damage. Their injuries also tend to take steep mental and emotional tolls, impacting their quality of life. Talk to a lawyer soon, as Texas only allows plaintiffs 2 years to file their cases in court. Evidence may be unique to your case and situation, but common examples include security camera videos, witness testimony, and medical records.

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    Types of Personal Injury Claims Our Offices Has Handled in Pearland, TX

    Personal injury cases may encompass a broad assortment of injuries and accidents. You might not be able to take your case to just any attorney. You need a lawyer with experience handling cases similar to yours. Below are some, but not all, of the cases our personal injury lawyers have handled.

    Vehicle Collisions

    Crashes and collisions on the road are arguably among the most commonly filed personal injury cases. Vehicle accidents happen every day, and many drivers and passengers are injured. While auto insurance helps some injured drivers get coverage for their injuries and damages, it is unavailable or denied for many others. Our legal team can help you file a lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused your accident.

    Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

    Certain injuries are so severe that victims spend the rest of their lives dealing with medical complications and expensive medical care. Traumatic brain injuries often lead to severe cognitive impairments that make it difficult for people to work, live independently, or even comprehend what is going on around them. Some people have such severe brain injuries that they can no longer talk or take care of themselves.

    Other serious injuries include spinal cord damage. You might experience weakness, numbness, pain, or limited mobility depending on where your spine is injured. Some people are permanently paralyzed and can no longer walk. Some might be paralyzed from the waist down. Others are paralyzed from the neck down and cannot move at all.

    These kinds of injuries might arise in all sorts of accidents. Talk to our team about your injuries, and we can help you get the compensation you rightly deserve.

    Slip and Falls

    People tend to brush off slip and fall accidents. These accidents are often considered more embarrassing than they are dangerous. The truth is, a bad fall might leave you with severe injuries. You might fall and hit your head or break your arm trying to break your fall. Often, these accidents happen when the premises around you are unsafe. We can help you sue the property owner who should have done more to repair and remove dangerous conditions and tripping hazards.

    Dangerous Products

    Sometimes, people are injured by products or goods they only just bought. We rely on products to be manufactured safely. If goods are produced with defects or are poorly designed so they are inherently unsafe, unsuspecting consumers might be hurt. For example, someone might be injured by a defective hairdryer that overheats and blows up in their hand. We can help you sue the manufacturer of the dangerous product.

    Recoverable Damages in Your Pearland, TX Personal Injury Case

    Damages in personal injury claims should account for the money you lost because of your injuries and your personal experiences that caused you distress or turmoil. The extent of these damages may vary based on the nature of your accident and injuries.

    Non-economic damages often include things like pain and suffering. These are painful experiences, but they are personal and highly subjective. They are also usually not related to money or financial costs. For example, after being hurt, you might wrestle with feelings of trauma, fear, and anxiety that are so serious they impact your quality of life.

    Economic damages are about the money you spend to recover from the accident. Hospital bills from emergency treatment and the cost of ongoing care and follow-up doctor visits should be accounted for. You might also have lost property and personal belongings. Take stock of your costs and expenses from the accident and review them with your attorney.

    The Deadline to File a Personal Injury Case in Pearland, TX

    You have a limited amount of time to prepare your case and file it with the appropriate court. In Texas, the statute of limitation for personal injury cases is located under Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003. Under this rule, a plaintiff has 2 years from the day they are injured to file their case. This might seem like plenty of time at first, but do not be fooled. The process of preparing a lawsuit is time-consuming, and 2 years is a tight deadline.

    It is best to speak to an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. It is understandable to spend a few weeks or so resting and recovering, but you need to speak to a lawyer. The sooner you get started, the more likely your attorney can obtain evidence and locate witnesses. Witnesses and evidence tend to disappear over time, and the sooner you speak to a lawyer, the sooner you can get the evidence you need.

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