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There are few accidents as devastating as 18 wheeler accidents in Katy. 18 wheeler trucks are virtually the largest vehicles on the roads and are capable of catastrophic injuries and even death.

Fortunately, our 18 wheeler and truck accident attorneys can help you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. Your injuries might be too severe to address the accident just after it happened, but if you are able, you can take several steps to help your case later. Our firm will also investigate your claim to determine each party that should be held liable.

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What You Can Do After Being Injured in an 18 Wheeler and Truck Accident in Katy, TX

Recovering compensation after an 18 wheeler truck accident in Katy can be challenging. However, you can take several steps to help you immensely later during a lawsuit. Of course, the injuries sustained in an 18 wheeler accident are often catastrophic, and the victim might not be able to do anything but await medical care. If you are able, you can ask emergency medical personnel or a witness to help you gather information. Our 18 wheeler and truck accident attorneys can use whatever information you obtain to help recover compensation in your case.

Call 911

After you have made sure you are safe following an 18 wheeler accident, call 911 immediately. Law enforcement and emergency medical services should be dispatched to the scene. While it might go without saying, you should always call 911 after being injured in an accident. The police will investigate the accident and record the findings in an accident report, which our firm can help you obtain later.

Exchange Information

If your injuries allow for it, exchange information with the truck driver. This includes getting their license, insurance information, and registration. Also, be sure to ask or note who the truck driver works for, as the trucking company that employs them might share the blame for your injuries. If your injuries were such that you could not speak with the truck driver, you can still get that information later from the police accident report.

Document the Scene

Documenting the scene just after an 18 wheeler accident can make all the difference in a lawsuit. If you can, take pictures of as much of the accident scene as possible, including debris, the location, and the surrounding roadway. Even if you think it might not be relevant, take a photo anyway. You cannot be sure what might be important when one of our truck accident attorneys looks at them. Photos of your injuries after you just sustained them can also be used as evidence in your lawsuit.

If any witnesses stop, speak with them and get their contact information. The more information you can get at the scene, the better since details often get forgotten when the lawsuit comes around later.

Seek Medical Care

You will likely need to seek medical treatment following an accident with an 18 wheeler. However, if your accident was fortunately minor, you should still get medical care. Not all injuries make themselves known immediately after an accident. Going to the hospital after an accident could reveal serious injuries that cause serious problems later.

It is also important to get medical treatment so that you can begin documenting your injuries and the treatments that will be needed to recover. Waiting even a short amount of time to see a doctor following your accident opens you up to the insurance company arguing that your injuries must not be that serious.

Speak with Our 18 Wheeler and Truck Accident Lawyers

After receiving the proper medical care, speak with our 18 wheeler accident lawyers about what steps to take next. Our team can collect evidence to prove your case and calculate your damages, so you receive the compensation you are entitled to. We can also deal with insurance companies and defense attorneys while you focus on making a full recovery. Our 18 wheeler and truck accident attorneys are ready to fight to get you justice for your injuries.

Determining Who is Liable for an 18 Wheeler and Truck Accident in Katy, TX

Many 18 wheeler truck accident lawsuits in Katy are challenging because there is often more than one party responsible for causing the accident. The truck driver is usually the first person to be investigated for liability, but other parties could be liable depending on their responsibilities.

18 Wheeler Driver

Truck drivers are required to drive with the same reasonable care that all drivers must use when operating their vehicles. If a truck driver causes an accident while distracted or speeding, they can be held liable for negligence like any other driver. However, truckers must also observe several state and federal trucking regulations, including the guidelines on hours of service. Truck drivers must only operate their trucks for a certain number of hours during the week and inspect their vehicles before taking them out.

Trucking Company

In some cases, the trucking company can also be held liable along with the negligent driver. If the driver works directly for the trucking company, the trucking company can be held vicariously liable if its driver caused an accident while performing their normal job duties. However, if the truck driver is an independent contractor, the trucking company will likely be off the hook since independent contractors typically own their 18 wheelers and technically work for themselves.

A trucking company could be held liable for its own negligence, though. Trucking companies must conduct background checks so that they hire safe and competent drivers and ensure that they are trained for the job they were hired for. If records show that the trucker had a history of dangerous driving or they were not trained, the trucking company could be sued. Our 18 wheeler and truck accident attorneys can review your case to determine all the parties that should pay for your damages.

Our Katy, TX 18 Wheeler and Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

If you were injured by an 18 wheeler, our 18 wheeler and truck accident attorneys can help you recover the compensation you deserve. For a free case evaluation, Contact The Queenan Law Firm, P.C. at (817) 476-1797.