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    Motorcycles by their very design are more prone to accidents on the road. However, many people choose to ride motorcycles, not only for the thrill and excitement but also because of their low cost and relatively cheap maintenance. However, motorcyclists face a wide variety of roads that are unique to motorcycle riders. Not only do motorcycle drivers and riders need to be concerned about what they are doing on the road, but they need to be cautious of poor road conditions, monitor vehicle functioning, avoid debris. Additionally, even the most cautious and well-trained driver cannot predict when another driver’s negligence will result in an accident.

    If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Johnson County then you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses. For more than 20 years the attorneys at Queenan Law have been representing accident victims on their road to recovery.

    Common Contributing Factors in Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accident victims often face severe and significant physical, emotional, and financial burdens as a result of an accident. Not only do motorcycle drivers face a higher degree of danger and likelihood of severe injuries, but motorcycle passengers are also at risk of serious injuries and even fatalities.

    Motorcycles are unique vehicles that present their drivers with their own set of challenges. Because of their weight distribution, their center of gravity, exposed parts, and because the driver and passengers are exposed to the environment, motorcycle drivers are at risk for injuries and accidents anytime they drive. However, The Texas Department of Transportation has conducted extensive research and gained some insight into some of the most common factors behind motorcycle accidents.

    • Animals on the road – animals in the road lead to nearly 1300 motorcycle accidents between 2008 and 2013. In addition to causing 1299 severe injuries, animals in the roads lead to nearly 37 fatal crashes.
    • Unsafe lane changing – Motorcycle drivers who were not careful when they were changing lanes lead to a reported 420 serious and debilitating accidents. In addition, there were a reported 21 fatal crashes that stemmed from motorcycle drivers inattention when changing lanes. However, these numbers also reflect accidents when a car is changing lanes and strikes a motorcycle, and thereby injuring the riders.
    • Defective parts – Motorcycles like other vehicles are composed of many moving parts that need to be maintained, however, there are well-documented cases of riders and passengers being injured. In the event that a part or system on the motorcycle was not properly manufactured or installed, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries related to those defective parts.
    • Speed related – Speed-related accidents are by far the most prominent reason and factor related to motorcycle accidents and injuries. Nearly 11,000 accidents or nearly fifty percent of all motorcycle accidents can be attributed to motorcycle drivers exceeding safe speeds.

    Out of all the contributing factors to a motorcycle accident, speed has to be noted as the primary contributing factors. In Texas, speeding motorcyclists accounted for almost half of all crashes. Even nationally, speeding is a major contributing factor to many fatal accidents and contributed to nearly thirty-seven percent of fatal crashes.

    Where do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

    Forty-six percent of all motorcycle crashes and thirty-eight percent of all fatal crashes occurred in cities with a population of 100,000 or more. While Johnson County does not contain any city that has a population greater than 100,000 people, Cleburne has a relatively large population of nearly 30,000 as estimated by the 2010 census. Johnson County is also home to Burleson, which has a population estimated to be around 40,000 which falls short of the threshold of 100,000 however, because of its size still presents a problem for motorcyclists. However, rural areas represented thirty-one percent of the total amount of crashes and forty-four percent of all fatal crashes.

    Thirty-seven percent of crashes and twenty-five percent of all fatal crashes happened on city streets. While neither Cleburne nor Burleson can be equated to a city, these areas have the most amount of motorists, and therefore present an increased chance that a motorcycle will be involved in an accident. Twenty-six percent of all crashes happened on U.S and state highways Johnson county has several notable highways that would be considered Major for purposes of these statistics. Interstate 35W cuts through Johnson County, as well as U. S highways 67, 287, 377, 81, 171, and 174. Because Johnson County is included in the Dallas-Fort Worth- Arlington Metropolitan Statistical Area, these roads are heavily traveled by a large cross-section of motorists.

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