Dallas Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Rig Site Accident Lawyer

Working on a drill site at an on-shore oil site or offshore on an oil rig each has their own hazards.  Many oil workers are injured each year from a wide range of dangers.  Mechanical issues, pressure issues, and general risks of overexertion or slip and fall injuries are something that drill operators and pump operators face at work each day.  Especially for off-shore drilling and pumping workers, who face long hours on their rig, there could be additional risks.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident on an oil rig or at another oil drilling site, talk to an attorney today.  The Dallas oil rig and natural gas drilling injury lawyers at The Queenan Law firm represent victims and their families after serious accidents and work to help them get the compensation they need for their injuries.  For a free consultation on your case and for help understanding what you might be entitled to, call our law offices today at (817) 476-1797.

Common Oil Rig and Natural Gas Accident Injuries in Dallas, TX

Oil drillers face significant risks of injury from on-the-job dangers.  Most drilling takes place in difficult environments; you may be out in the hot sun for hours or working to drill in deep water.  These environmental factors increase the risk of heat stroke and dehydration while working out in the sun, and there is always a risk of drowning, falling overboard, or slipping and falling on wet decks when you work on the water.

The drills and other equipment also pose serious injury risks.  Setting up an oil drill takes teams of men and heavy equipment to move the rig into place.  Operating any of these machines or vehicles poses a risk of getting caught in moving parts or run over.  Parts of the rig could fall during set-up, causing serious injuries.  Once the drill is erected, operating the drill itself still means many moving parts.  Plus, pumps and other mechanisms that pull mud, groundwater, and stone out of the way often use high-pressure systems or move tons of material at relatively high speeds, potentially causing injury.  If a drill sparks on tougher materials, it could ignite pockets of underground gas or oil, causing disastrous consequences and injuries.

If you work on a pump at a drilling site, the moving parts and high-pressure oil pose serious injury risks.  If any tubes or lines burst, you could be seriously injured by the force of the pressurized leak, chemical exposure, and potential shrapnel.  On an off-shore drilling platform, the pressure can be even greater.  Historical disasters on offshore drilling platforms prove the risks that these workers face each day from mechanical failure and user error.  In addition, narrow catwalks and potentially wet decks and surfaces also pose falling, slipping, and tripping risks.

In any situation, you can also face injuries from simple work tasks like lifting or carrying, especially if you are not given the help or machinery you need to accomplish your work tasks safely.

Suing for Work Injuries at Oil Rigs in Texas

Injured workers are often entitled to file a lawsuit for their injuries under Texas law.  In some cases, injured workers may be required to file through workers’ compensation as the “exclusive remedy” for injuries.  However, there are multiple situations that would entitle you or your family to file a lawsuit for your workplace injuries from oil drilling.

First, you may be entitled to sue your employer if you work as a contractor.  Contractors are not covered by workers’ compensation rules and are entitled to file lawsuits against their employers for on-the-job injuries.  Second, you may sue your employer if they do not have workers’ compensation insurance.  Since every employer must carry insurance, your employer opens themselves to a lawsuit if they fail to carry it.  Third, can usually sue for intentional injuries or extreme cases of negligence where the injuries were completely uncalled for, including at-work fights.  Lastly, you may file lawsuits against third parties that are responsible for your injuries.  This means that mechanical failures or problems with safety equipment caused by negligent manufacturing or product design can entitle you to sue.

When suing for injuries after an oil drilling or oil rig accident, you could be entitled to substantial damages.  These damages can include compensation for the medical costs you faced after your injury, any wages you missed while recovering, and direct compensation for your pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering damages in Texas are not capped in most at-work injury lawsuits, thus these damages could be one of the highest portions of your lawsuit.

Before you can get compensation, however, you must prove that the defendant was responsible for your injuries.  Talk to an attorney today about building your case and proving that your employer, a co-worker, or another party caused your injuries.

Dallas Oil Rig and Natural Gas Drilling Injury Lawyers Offering Free Consultations

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident on an oil rig or an oil or natural gas drilling site, contact our law offices today.  You may be entitled to file a lawsuit to recover compensation to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  If a loved one was killed, you could be entitled to additional damages for your loss.  For a free consultation on your case with a Dallas oil rig injury attorney, contact our law offices today at (817) 476-1797.