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Types of Negligence in Mental Health Practices

Throughout the country, psychiatrists have a big responsibility: help those suffering from mental health conditions. Millions of Americans go to a psychiatrist every day looking for ways to cope with their conditions and get their life back together. As such, psychiatrists play a critical role in these people’s lives.

Dallas residents who visit a psychiatric office expect to be treated by a trained, experienced professional who understands what it takes to help them with their particular situation. However, not every healthcare provider has their priorities in order. Every year, thousands of people are mistreated by their psychiatrists, the very person who is supposed to aid them.

There are many different ways a negligent psychiatrist in Dallas can take advantage of their patient. Some of the things that may involve psychiatry malpractice include:

Prescription Medication Error

Mental health conditions are often treated by implementing the use of medication. Prescribing medication for mental health conditions requires special attention to detail and considerable care. An error in a patient’s medication can worsen their condition, which can lead to a number of dangerous outcomes. Every year, thousands of people die due to prescription medication errors in the U.S. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or a health issue due to getting the wrong prescription medication, you may be able to obtain compensation for your losses.

Sexual Intercourse

Many mental health patients are vulnerable and can be easily coerced by their psychiatrist. There may be situations where one of these healthcare providers take advantage of a vulnerable patient by convincing them to engage in sexual acts. Such conduct is strictly prohibited, and psychiatrists – and any other healthcare provider – should distance themselves from engaging in such actions. However, not all mental health professionals abide by the rules, often breaching their duty of care to their patients. Psychiatrists who engage in such conduct can hurt their patient for the rest of their life. While nothing can help erase the past, you can still recover compensation from the negligent, careless doctor who caused you harm.


One of a psychiatrist’s primary responsibilities is making an accurate diagnosis of a potential mental illness. An experienced, skilled mental health professional should be able to identify common signs of a mental health condition and adequately address it. Failure to diagnose a condition accurately can lead to the wrong type of treatment, including the wrong prescription medication. The physical and mental repercussion of a misdiagnosis can be challenging for a patient and their loved ones.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Negligent Mental Health Professional in Dallas, Texas

People who have been the victim of a negligent, careless medical professional in Dallas, Texas can obtain compensation by filing a lawsuit. This type of lawsuit is known as a medical malpractice claim. This type of lawsuit requires time, skill, and experience. Proving your case with the court means meeting specific elements alongside accurate evidence such as medical records and expert testimony. One of the very first things you have to do in a medical malpractice claim is show that there was a doctor-patient relationship. This can be achieved by going to your medical records and illustrating a pattern of consistent therapy sessions and appointments.

Once you have established a doctor-patient relationship, the next step should be establishing your psychiatrist’s negligence. Negligence in medical malpractice claims is shown by establishing that your doctor breached their duty of care. All healthcare professionals have an obligation to provide high-quality medical services to all of their patients. If a medical professional distances himself or herself from their duty of care, they are liable for any harm to their patients.

Once you have established a breach of duty, you will need to demonstrate that you suffered harm due to your doctor’s breach of duty. Additionally, you will need to prove you suffered damages justifying the concession of a remedy in the form of financial compensation. If you prove all the elements required in a medical malpractice claim, you may obtain compensation for your losses. A skilled, experienced medical malpractice attorney in Dallas can help you determine the best course of action and guide you through the entire claim process.

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