Arlington Truck Accident Lawyer

Several major highways cut through and around the city of Arlington, including I-20, I-30, and SH-360.  Every day, thousands of truck drivers carrying heavy, sometimes hazardous cargo loads travel down these and other Arlington highways at extremely high speeds.  When a truck driver is aggressive, intoxicated, fatigued, or simply has a moment of carelessness, a terrible accident can result almost instantly.  Sadly, due to the enormous size and speed of 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks, the victims in other vehicles are often killed or catastrophically injured.

If you were recently injured in a truck accident in Arlington, or if your spouse or one of your family members was hurt or killed by a careless trucker, you deserve to pursue justice and compensation for all of the suffering you have endured and the expenses you have been burdened with.  With over 20 years of experience representing truck accident survivors and the surviving loved ones of wrongful death victims, you can rely on the knowledgeable Arlington 18-wheeler accident attorneys of Queenan Law to provide compassionate support and aggressive legal advocacy.  For a free consultation, call our law offices at (817) 476-1797.

Were You Injured by a Truck Driver on I-30 or I-20 in Arlington?

Because commercial trucks weigh so much and exert such powerful force when an accident or collision occurs, it is common for disabling or fatal injuries to result.  If you or a loved one was injured in a collision with a commercial truck or passenger truck in Arlington, compensation may be available to help with your medical bills, care expenses, and other costs related to your treatment and recovery.  Compensation may also be available for pain and suffering.

As personal injury lawyers in Texas with many years of experience handling a diverse array of cases, the attorneys of Queenan Law are thoroughly prepared to handle truck accident claims involving a broad spectrum of serious injuries, disabilities, and complications resulting from 18-wheeler wrecks and other types of truck crashes.  Examples of trucking injury claims we handle in Arlington include, but are not limited to:

  • Bone Fractures
    • Broken Ankle
    • Broken Arm
    • Broken Back
    • Broken Collarbone
    • Broken Foot
    • Broken Hand
    • Broken Hip
    • Broken Leg
    • Broken Nose
    • Broken Wrist
  • Back Injuries
    • Paralysis
    • Spinal Column Injuries
    • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Head Injuries
    • Concussions
    • Facial Injuries
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Other Injuries 
    • Amputation
    • Burn Injuries
    • Crush Injuries
    • Cuts and Lacerations
    • Hearing Loss
    • Internal Bleeding
    • Internal Injuries
    • Nerve Damage
    • Organ Damage
    • Puncture Wounds
    • Scarring and Disfigurement
    • Vision Loss
    • Whiplash
    • Wrongful Death

Even if you do not see your injury on the lists above, please do not hesitate to contact our law offices for a free and confidential legal consultation.  You may have a claim if you were hurt by a careless truck driver.

Texas 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers Fighting for Crash Compensation

Matters of insurance, legal action, and financial compensation are likely to be among the last things on your mind in the days following a severe vehicular accident, which is perfectly understandable.  In the aftermath of a serious wreck, your physical and emotional health should be your top priorities.

Unfortunately, as you begin the process of recovering from your injuries, you may start to feel anxiety and uncertainty about how you are going to pay for your medical bills, or how you will provide financial support to yourself or your children following the loss of a spouse.  As you begin to concern yourself with the financial effects of a serious injury, or the death of a loved one, you will need a plan for both the immediate and distant future.

The compensation obtained from a successful lawsuit or a settlement agreement can provide financial stability, and with it, priceless peace of mind, as you and your family mourn and adjust to your new circumstances.  At Queenan Law, our Arlington truck crash lawyers work tirelessly to thoroughly calculate the immediate and long-term impact or value of your losses, in order to fight for the maximum compensation on your behalf.  Our goal is to see that you obtain both the financial resources and the sense of emotional closure you need to truly start the healing process.

Arlington, Texas Truck Accident Lawyers Representing Injury Victims in Lawsuits

The Arlington truck crash attorneys of Queenan Law handle all types of accidents involving passenger and commercial trucks in Texas, including but not limited to:

  • 18-Wheeler Accidents/Semi-Trailer Accidents
  • Distracted Driving Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Fatigued Trucker Accidents
  • Head-On Collisions
  • Highway Accidents:
    • I-20
    • I-30
    • SH-180
    • SH-360
    • Spur 303
    • US 287
  • Intersection Accidents
  • Multi-Vehicle Pileups
  • Off-Ramp Crashes
  • Parking Lot Accidents
  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Sideswipe Accidents
  • Side-Impact Collisions (“T-Bone” Accidents)

Our attorneys serve residents from all corners of Arlington.  If you are unable to travel due to your injuries, we are more than happy to come to your location.  To set up a free trucking accident consultation with our Arlington injury lawyers, call Queenan Law at (817) 476-1797 as soon as possible.  Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about whether or not you have a claim; we are here to help in any way that we can.